Living Room/Dining Room Paint colors

In my previous post you saw some before pictures of my clients home. After looking at paint colors and window treatments, I apply them to my photos in Photoshop. This is for me, as well as my client, to see how everything will look in the space.  It is important to see the location of an accent color, where is the best place to use it?
Accent paint colors should be used on walls that have something special about them, a focal point. There are 2 focal walls in this open space, the fireplace wall and the wall opposite that anchors the dining table which can be used as a gallery feature wall to display artwork or personal photos. It can really personalize a space to show your personal photos or your favorite style of artwork.
Working in Photoshop I'm able to add the colors and wall art I think will work in this space. Here are some options. First is the fireplace wall with the red brick painted white or whitewashed.


Lighting- I recommend adding two recessed down lights above the fireplace to had some extra light to the room. Currently they have 2 lamps for this space. Opposite from the fireplace is the dining room where I created an accent wall to display art making it a feature wall.  I'm also recommending a fun light pendant

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