My Lotions & Hand Salves

I now have a new Etsy shop to purchase my hand made lotions & hand salve!
I only use Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Coconut Oil and/or Cocoa Butter, as well as local beeswax combined with Essential Oils.

After many winters of dry, cracked and sometimes bleeding hands, I started investigating on what will heal my hands. I have tried many lotions on the market and nothing helped, they were just a temporary fix.

I discovered that these natural raw ingredients were best for my skin with many nutrients to keep skin healthy and strong. It is important to use organic & unrefined as most ingredients in the products at your local stores are not. The shea butter or coconut oil used in those products is extracted using chemicals because its faster, easier and cheaper, which takes away much of the nutrients as well as adds chemicals to them, such as hexane.

I'm sure you will love these lotions & salves as much as I do.  Its safe for kids too! 
Save your tins & containers!

Please Recycle 
 You can send your tin/container back to me for a discount on your next order or hold on to it for your next lotion bar, which will be less without the tin.  See my etsy items for details.

 All the local raw honey & beeswax I use is purchased from Buzz 10 Honey. Owner, Susan Robinson, practices organic/natural treatments for her hives.

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