Redo - Recycle - Refurbish - Chair

My neighbor put this chair out for the trash. I thought it would make a great side chair. After sanding, I primed with a gray primer because I planned on using a darker color, easier coverage then a white primer. I looked everywhere for a darker bronze metallic paint and finally found this Martha Stewart Living paint for just under $5 at Home Depot. The paint goes on great, 2 coats was needed.  Fabric I found at the Franklin Mill Store remants for $6. with enough for a 2nd chair seat.

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Thanksgiving Decor, Wreaths & Tables

As I am planning for Thanksgiving again this year, I'm thinking of how I can decorate the table... How I can make it different then the past years.  The kids always like to be involved in decorating and love making name cards for guests. Here are some things I found for inspiration..







My Fall Color: Red-Violet, Fushia & Beets

Maybe it’s because of my beet juice concoctions, but I love the color of beets. Even if I add a small amount of beet, the color surpasses any other vegetable & fruits. I find I see the color more in interiors and design.
A great accent to neutrals.
I took these photos today at the Boston Design Center.




Paper Bag Interiors

This just shows you can use just about any material to cover a wall. Owen, a boutique for both men & women in New York City, uses 25,000 paper bags to line the interior walls and ceiling, creating a honey-comb textured look.

Designer & photos by: Tackelbox, New York City

Copper Art, from Sculpture to Jewelry

Even someone who is not a trained artist can make beautiful art from just the love of the material.  After spending so much time installing copper, in a functional way, plumber Bob Kiley began 18 years ago making small objects from copper pipes and fittings. Bob has said, even as a kid he loved making things out of everyday objects, giving something a new purpose, possibly better than before. Known as upcycling.

upcycling- where old products are given more value not less

Pure copper { symbol Cu } is soft and malleable; a freshly exposed surface has a reddish-orange color. It is used as a conductor of heat and electricity, a building material, and a constituent of various metal alloys.

For more info on Bob's art work, or to order a custom piece contact: 508.726.1984 

Chocolate Brown Living Room with Gold

This just shows how color pulls a room together.  My client had the furniture and accessories, most were given to her by her mother, with some antiques.  The existing color (mauve below) didn't make these pieces pop. I choose Ben Moore's Falcon Brown  knowing that it would really compliment all these existing pieces of gold and dark wood.  The upholstered furniture were light in color with a hint of brown.  It really worked well with them. Below is a the new brown room with a before shot below.

 The dark color brings out the gold accents. Keeping the background monochromatic, with the walls and window treatments, helps to highlight the different pieces in the room.

 A few family pictures personalize the space with different frames of gold

boston design center 1.25.12

always looking for inspriation, here's some finds at the boston design center today--

I love this effect created on the ceiling from this pendant 
Acrylic bar stool

Puzzle piece accent wall, detail below

 Leather studded chest of drawers, retails just over $10,000

 Love these wave tiles