Paper Towel Craft/Art

I recently saw a wreath made out of cut paper towel roll pieces so I thought how easy is this and no cost, the kids would love this. So I was thinking what kind of sculptures could we make? I saved a bunch of rolls and we played around with them-

I like the white foam core behind them. If you glue them together with no background it's hard to see, unless you have a contrasting wall color behind.

First I measured 1 inch increments, then creased  the whole roll before cutting with scissors.

My daughter used elmer's glue to attach her pieces and let it sit over night. She used paper clips in some areas to keep it together. A close pin would also work. I tried a hot glue gun which holds well and much faster drying time.

The next day, I spray painted my daughter's snowflake white and she sprinkled purple glitter on it.

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  1. Nifty and thrifty. Just what I like. Thanks for sharing. Have you any idea what I can do with the plastic tops to toddler fruit and veggie pouches? Any artistic ideas would be welcomed. All I have found are kiddo crafts and as bright and colorful as they are I am racking my brain for something to make that I can place on a coffee table or hang from the wall or on the ceiling.