Chalkpaint Vanity

I'm slowly doing this bathroom over.  This vanity is the first because it's been bothering me the most. The maple wood doesn't do anything for the limestone floor and granite top.
Although I still have the walls to paint, etc.. I'm going to share the vanity. I used this chalkpaint from AC Moore (see below). Hopefully it will hold up over time.

First I cleaned the vanity but didn't sand it (as the paint is suppose to adhere well). I applied 2 coats. I am happy with how it came out and how easy the paint was to apply. I changed the hardware as well, from Lowe's.

This 32oz size was more than enough. 16oz would have been plenty. So I will have to think how else I can use this.

Hallway Photo Layout

Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason to a picture layout. This had been changed many times, and I'm sure it will change again.

You don't have to match color frames or similar color artwork. I think you just do what feels right for you. This is a mix of my children's art work and a few pieces I did in college.

I always look for frames if I'm in an antique or thrift store.

I came across this flower drawing my daughter did a couple years ago and I'm just hanging it up now.  This is one of my favorites, 

And my other daughters hand. A valentine she made in preschool.