Making an Ottoman out of a Storage Bin

I bought these 2 storage bins on clearance for $5 each a few years ago. They are very strong & sturdy and I had every intention of painting them and reusing them for storage. But I'm glad I waited because I was recently looking for ottomans/extra seating for the kids & their friends and I remembered I had these!
After a light sanding I primed and painted, 3 coats of Benjamin Moore French Beret. Then finished it with with 3 coats of Minwax Water Based, Polycrylic Clear Satin.
We had extra plywood in the basement, so my husband cut them the same size of each top for the seat.
I purchased 2 1/2 inch thick foam for each at the craft store. I learned that using an electric knife (same for carving a turkey) is the best way to cut the foam.

I wrapped the foam and plywood together with batting, attached with staple gun. Then I cut the fabric leaving 6 inches around each side, and also attached with my staple gun.  I choose a heavy upholstery fabric for extra durability, I highly recommend upholstery fabric.

After you get the 4 sides tightly on, trim the corners to avoid it bulging. Fold the corners neatly and staple pulling the fabric to get it tight. After the fabric is on I then applied Gorilla Glue around the top of the storage bin, then placed the seat on top.  With a nail gun, I nailed a 1" nail, 18 GA. (with no head) along the side, at an angle from the fabric into the plywood then into the bin. The nail goes through the fabric and I swear you cant even see it, the hole left is so small I cant find it.  

I could have used these seats for storage by attaching the top with hinges but from experience these would just get filled with junk never to be seen again. So I opted from seats/ottomans with no storage.

All done and getting plenty of use.

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