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At the end of the summer, I passed a house in town with many pieces of furniture out front, all free. I grabbed a couple, what I could fit in my car, to refinish them. Maybe keep them or give them away. I've been wanting to try this Sherwin-Williams Impressions paint, which can create a zinc look. So here's how I did it, for what I decided to keep as my new coffee table:

The paint I used was Sherwin-Williams Faux Impressions Metallic, Latex Finish, Pearl. This a translecent paint, so a base coat is needed.  I wanted a smooth finish so I used this sanding block between coats, 100 grit. These 3/16" rollers worked great too leaving a smooth finish.  The directions by Sherwin-Williams recommended a different nap roller, but it would leave a pebbly finish, which I didn't want. This small roller was great for this size project. I recommend using this rather than a brush to avoid brush marks, which will show up on this finish.

After disassembling the table, I sanded with an electric sander, then primed using a gray primer because I knew I was going to use a dark gray paint.  

 After priming was done & dry I painted each piece of wood with 2 coats in Sherwin-Williams 7076 Cyberspace. Giving that a couple days to dry, I rolled on the 1st coat of SW Faux Impressions paint.
* Important * - This paint dries quickly so you have a few minutes to remove the roller markers. I continued to roll, in different directions until the marks disappeared.

Its sort of blue when 1st applied.  Left side is still wet, the 2 on the right have already dried.  I gently wiped off a little of 1st coat. Then after it dried too much was wiped off so I did a 2nd coat and didn't wipe off any.

The legs I sanded to remove any loose rust, primed and painted. I spray painted these with Rust-Oleum American Accents Metallic, color: Oil Rubbed Bronze. I could have used black because its hard to see the color once done.

 I finished the top with 3 coats of Minwax Water Based, Polycrylic Clear Satin.

I really love this finish and will try again with a larger piece of furniture like a bureau.

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