DIY Covering a Lampshade

I had these lamps for sometime when I wanted a neutral living room. But I think its time to bring some color into this space. I used a hot glue gun to create a seam and glue the fabric on around the perimeter, top and bottom of the shade.   Because of some trial and error I was able to take off fabric & adjust without damage to the fabric or shade. Good to know when I may want to change the fabric, seasonal or just a color change.
Lamps before-

Hot glue gun seam, wear gloves to protect from burning and work fast!

Edge needs to be cut, straighter the better. Glue & tuck.
1 down 1 to go


How to Paint Words on the Wall

Please ignore some of the room still unfinished!

Adding Text:
I was creating a workspace for the kids and I wanted an inspirational word. Because there was a bump out in the wall it created the perfect place for it. This process goes back to middle school, may be elementary.
First I found the typewriter font I was looking for on-line. I did not have the font installed on my computer so I copied and pasted it into PowerPoint, enlarged each letter to the size I was looking for, about 9" height.

Printed, cut and taped. Each letter was printed on its own sheet. Once they were all taped together I placed them on the wall to make sure the size was good and spacing, etc...

Then I just colored pencil on the back, taped it back on the wall. And traced, all your coloring will make a mark onto the wall.

And paint.

Kitchen Before & After, Creating a Nook

Here is 1 of my past projects of my client's kitchen.  Water damage on the exterior wall forced them to partially remodel their kitchen. The nook at the end of the counter, turned out to be a great place to store a lap top and add some simple shelving to display my client's fun collectibles.

Kitchen before.  Notice the floors were also redone to a dark walnut stain and is a great contrast to the newly off-white painted walls and I think works well with their existing cabinetry.

DIY Coffee Filter Light Pendant

I was looking for a fun pendant to hang from the ceiling going down the stairs to my basement and I found a coffee filter pendant on-line I could make. I purchased an 18" paper lantern and glued on about 400 filters with a hot glue gun.  Very simple, just time consuming.
Below are my progress photos-

One of the kids pinched each filter for me, making it look like a flower, than I'd glue it on, making this go by quicker!

I use a compact fluorescent, 60w

 I had a recessed down light, but was able to convert it to a pendant by just adding a conversion kit at Lowe's, no need to hire an electrician.