Bookshelves for all Spaces

These lightweight cardboard circular bookshelves produced under Eric Guiomar’s cardboard creation program, are unique pieces of art that will hopefully come into production.  It would be both eco-friendly & affortable.  

 The Tree Bookshelf made of green coated metal, is beautiful on its own but is made to hold books at the different angles of the branches.  Designed by artist, Shawn Soh.   Tree Branch Bookshelf by French designer Olivier Dolle reaches across corners of the room, allowing generous amounts of storage to accommodate many books.

The Cave, designed by Sakura Adachi, is both a room divider and a bookshelf on both sides that provides a comfortable seat for reading.

This compact staircase/bookshelf design makes use of this small living space.  The stair's also used for a side table along side the couch.

Modern Finnish designer Lincoln Kayiwa creates a room divider and a wall storage unit for books and cds.

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