How to Make a Coffee Filter Wreath

Supplies: 16" foam wreath ($4.50 with Michael's coupon)
200 count natural coffee filter package ($1.29 at grocery store)
Glue gun
a dozen glue sticks (give or take)
 2 1/4 " thick satin ribbon
3 sewing pins

 Because I didn't want my wreath too full, which is what happens when you use the whole filter, I cut each one, leaving 2" for the wreath.  Throw away/recycle the pointed piece. With the 2" remaining piece, bunch together the filter and apply hot glue, place on wreath, hold for about 30 seconds to adhere.


This is the back of the wreath, as you can see its hard to get the glue on every piece of the folded filter, which is fine, it will still hold.

I wrapped a piece of the ribbon around the top of the wreath, then brought it up to hang. Because mine is on the wall, no door, I used a staple gun to hold it in place. Its hidden under the ribbon. Sewing pins keep the ribbon in place on the back and 1 is used to attach the bow on.

Jack's Abby Brewery


I recently visited Jack's Abby Brewery in Framingham to photograph some of my brother-in-law, Bob Kiley's art work.  I got a sneak peek on the inside as they were in the process of making their beer.  Jack's Abby was founded by 3 brothers Jack, Eric and Sam Hendler.  They have grown and recently expanded to allow more room for bottling and storing.  
Shown below, the Copper Weave, Bob made for Jack's Abby, as well as copper taps in the tasting area for their seasonal beers.

 Bob's Copper Weave was the inspiration for the packaging of the Copper Legend Octoberfest, shown below.


Jack moving the beer as Herb supervises. Their logo, shown above, was hand painted on the wall by Jack's wife, Abby.

Mike Gleason, aka Lashes, is working on his beer {also called Lashes} which is available now.

 Very aromatic, Hops, are used in their beer including their most popular, Hoponuis Union.


Some of their specialty beer is aged in barrels. Baby maker is aged in a once wine barrel for 9 months. Others aged for a year in bourbon barrels giving the beer a bourbon flavor.

One of the owners, Jack with plumber, Bob who has done all the plumbing here at the brewery.

Nothing goes to waste, as these await a blackstone farmer who picks up left over grains to feed to his cows.

Weekly tastings & tours: 
Visit Jack's Abby!