Horizontal Painted Stripes on Wall: How to's

I wanted to add visual interest to the basement walls for the kids space, have something that I liked too and would not get sick of. I decided to do horizontal bold stripes in gray & white, since I dont have much furniture yet, it would go with most anything. First you have to determine the width of your stripes. Draw a small elevation. I took the total height, 82" divided by 7, which leaves me with 11 3/4" per a stripe. Also determine which color you want 1st at the floor line and along ceiling line. I chose the white becasue it may hide imperfections if the ceiling was not level, etc..

I used 2 laser levels. One that stuck to the wall with double sided foam tape (only a paint layer came off when I took the laser off), so patch work was needed.
The other I tried was a small tripod laser level that could go around to the walls on right & left but it did miss a large section, so I had to use a yard stick to finish the line.

I found the walls were not level, nor the floor, ceiling etc..so you can drive yourself crazy about it! You have to settle with something. Mine were slightly off but when its all said and done you dont notice one bit!

While the red line is in place I add the painter's tape, about 30" at a time.
I used blue painter's tape on 1 wall and the green frog's tape on the other. Both lines are pretty crisp, I'd say the green is slight more but when I remove the frog's tape layers of paint came with it down to the sheetrock (these are new walls painted 1 week prior) so it may not happen to walls that have been done and painted for a long time.
Don't put the paint on too think, I had no bleeding possibly because I was cautious putting on the paint light, 2 coats were needed.

Benjamin Moore 2112-70 American White, 2112-40 Stone
Almost finished room! Will post when room is complete!

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