Basement Entry Before and After

I finally got an 'after' picture of my entry going downstairs to the basement, the light really glows in this picture. Its hard to see the detail of the coffee filter pendant.  Below you can see a sneak peak of my basement walls I painted in grey & white stripes.

I hung some pieces I've had for some time. My grandparent's Last Supper, they always had hanging up, my painting from college, the kids' art work and a poem my father-in-law had written many years ago. A good collection of old & new.

Here are some of my projects for this space:

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  1. Love this transformation! Especially the coffee filter pendant! Love it!!!

  2. Found you at Give Me the Goods! I'm embarrassed to say that I have never considered a Pendant for the stairs to the basement that are BADLY in need of some styling and you've convinced me! Pinned for a winter project!