How to Paint Words on the Wall

Please ignore some of the room still unfinished!

Adding Text:
I was creating a workspace for the kids and I wanted an inspirational word. Because there was a bump out in the wall it created the perfect place for it. This process goes back to middle school, may be elementary.
First I found the typewriter font I was looking for on-line. I did not have the font installed on my computer so I copied and pasted it into PowerPoint, enlarged each letter to the size I was looking for, about 9" height.

Printed, cut and taped. Each letter was printed on its own sheet. Once they were all taped together I placed them on the wall to make sure the size was good and spacing, etc...

Then I just colored pencil on the back, taped it back on the wall. And traced, all your coloring will make a mark onto the wall.

And paint.

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